Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

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Today we are seeing some of the best and topmost content giver search engines. Yes the Top 10 list of search engines in 2013 are here.

1. Google

Google 300x168 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Google is the undisputed king of all time. Each and everyone uses Google search engines many times a day. With more then 900,000,000 estimated monthly unique visitors, Google is the best search engine in the world.

The Alexa rank of Google is #2. Beside it, in all other rankings, Google stays topmost.

Google is fast, very relevant and has the largest collection of webpages than any other search engines.

2. bing

bing 300x220 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Bing is the Microsoft’s search engine. It second widely used search engine in the world. In good old days, Bing was used to be as MSN search until it was updated in 2009.

The Alexa rank of Bing is #16. With estimated 165,000,000 monthly unique visitors.

3. Yahoo Search

 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Yahoo! possess many things beside an search engine. It is an news platform, a shopping center(online), horoscope, travel directory, an mails, games and much more. Yahoo! delivers whole in one quantity.

The Alexa rank of Yahoo! is #4. With estimated 160,000,000 monthly unique visitors.

4. Ask

ask com 300x195 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Ask is the oldest search engine in internet world. The clean interface differs Ask from other search engines. Also the search options are as good as Google and Yahoo! Also the search terms are also very relevant. Just give a try to it and you will get the difference.

The Alexa rank of Ask is #23. With estimated 125,000,000 monthly unique visitors.

5. AOL Search

Aol Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

AOL Search provides users with the editorial listings. The AOL Search network includes many popular web sites like, and the and many more.

The Alexa rank of AOL Search is #65. With estimated 33,000,000 monthly unique visitors.

6. MyWebSearch

mywebsearch Top 10 Search Engines in 2013 brings the most comprehensive collection of search tools available, to provide you with the info you need whenever you want.

The Alexa rank of MyWebSearch is #52. With estimated 19,ooo,ooo monthly unique visitors.

7. Blekko

Blekko 300x156 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Blekko was developed by ex-Googlers and the recommend it as spam free search engine. It is considerably helpful for Bloggers, Webmasters and SEO, who need  more data and info for SEO purposes.

The Alexa rank of is #1,796. With estimated 9,000,000 monthly unique visitors.

8. Lycos

lycos 300x121 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Lycos is one of the oldest search engine on the web, it was launched in 1994. Lycos ceased crawling it own listings in 1999. Lycos is very good for random search results as per human compiled informations.

The Alexa rank of Lycos is #3,283. With estimated 4,300,000 monthly unique visitors.

9. Dogpile

dogpile 300x212 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

Dogpile was the fast and efficient choice before Google in old times. With a growing index and a clean and quick presentation Dogpile is testimony to its old days.  If you want to try a search tool with pleasant presentation and helpful cross link results, you can definitely try Dogpile.

The Alexa rank of Dogpile is #4,270. With estimated 2,900,000 monthly unique visitors.

10. WebCrawler

W C Top 10 Search Engines in 2013


WebCrawler is an official single source to search the web news, photos, videos from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and many more search engine sites. It is a composite of all search engines, which crawls the suitable pages across the web.

The Alexa rank of WebCrawler is #581. With estimated 2,700,000 monthly unique visitors.

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1 Top 10 Search Engines in 2013

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